Features, Advantages & Benefits

SPARKO Surface Coatings is available nationwide. It is constantly serving the small scale to large scale manufacturers of furniture and other wood related products all over the country. SPARKO Surface Coatings is supporting customers’ needs through accessible market locations in Pampanga, Taguig, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao, General Santos City, and Zamboanga.

Products.The company offers diverse range of products. SPARKO Surface Coatings does not only offers topcoats and sealers, but also distributes surface preparation materials (Sanding Papers, Wood Putty, Wood Fillers), colorants, thinners, highlighting tools such as steel wool, paint brush, etc. SPARKO Surface Coatings provides coating materials not limited to natural and antiquing finishes but to duco, crackle, and mottle finish as well.

Knowledge.We provides long-term support to clients through color rematching, color development and troubleshooting. We offer technical support and provide best solution to client’s concern. The company also ensures client’s end by conducting product demonstration and on site evaluation.

After-sales support.
Client’s complacency is our primary concern hence we provide technical assistance through site evaluation, product demonstration, troubleshooting, and onsite posting.

Balanced formulation of thinner.
The right blend of active, latent and diluent solvents to provide better dissolution of paint, fast drying time, and no strong odor vapors.


Color Freedom.
Clients can always acquire the color of their choice as the company proffers color rematching and color development. This service is applicable to antique finish, duco finish, and metallic finish.

Drying time advantage.
Sparko Surface Coatings reduces production operation time through fast drying time of topcoats and sealers without compromising its quality.


Excellently high solid contents.
Sparko Surface Coatings Topcoats and Sealers have high solid contents thereby achieving your desired finish at lesser coating pass.


Full product range.
The company offers surface coating products not limited to paints but also to surface preparation products, highlighting tools, spray guns, gilding materials and colorants.