Sparko Nitrocellulose Topcoat Premium Pure

Sparko Nitrocellulose Topcoats (NC Topcoat) are evaporative lacquers or finishes. It cures solely by 601 thinner evaporation. It is recommended for low traffic wood based substrates, MDF and other rigid, non-flexible substrates. Nitrocelulose  Topcoats have lower resistance compared to other sparko lacquers to alcohol, water/moisture and abrasion. Available gloss is from 0 sheen to 90 sheen. 

Recommended for Light & Dark Colors.

Available Dilution: Concentrated or RFU (ready for use)

Drying time is 15-30 minutes before overcoat.

Gloss Level Product Code
0 Sheen 430-S0035
10 Sheen 431-S0035
20 Sheen 432-S0035
30 Sheen 433-S0035
40 Sheen 434-S0035
50 Sheen 435-S0035
60 Sheen 436-S0035
70 Sheen 437-S0035
80 Sheen 438-S0035
90 Sheen 439-S0035
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